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I am tired

October 28, 2013
by Erin B

I will own it.  I am exhausted.  I would like to apologize to my family and social contacts for my level of extra crabby-ness.  I like to think it is for a good cause.

So far this month I have had a midterm Oct 11.  I got 86% because I studied really hard and ran up a sleep deficit.  This was followed by a big family Thanksgiving with T’s parents.  I was lucky enough to only be responsible for one day of cooking, not three.  Thank you, Y, for taking such good care of the lot of us!

No sooner did I get home from Thanksgiving but I had to start studying for the mandatory lab for the class that was Oct 20.  It was basically a P/F lab, but it counts 10% of my final mark.  Done.

It took two days to clean up the house after kind of neglecting it all month, then it was time for the SACLXT fall conference.  I’m on the board of directors for the SACLXT.  It’s a volunteer position.  This year we were asked to keep track of our hours.  I haven’t actually done that for a volunteer position before.  I was a little shocked when I added up the final tally and found out that I spent the equivalent of 28, 8 hour days volunteering this past year.  I hadn’t really planned to spend more time at my volunteer position that I did at my job, but that’s how it worked out.  I’m feeling a little frustrated by that.

It’s made worse by the fact that the only shifts I was offered this month, I didn’t take because I had made a commitment to help with the conference.  I wasn’t too worried because there is a per diem in place for if you miss work to attend board events.  Except when I went to claim it, I was told that I was not required to attend and was only give a half day for the AGM.  Never mind that taking a half day off isn’t possible at my job.  So… November is going to be a little tight.

Off to for a quick visit to my Mom’s yesterday.  Little girl was very happy to see her.

My final exam is scheduled for November 7th.  So, as soon as I get through the four loads of laundry that has built up, I’m back hitting the books.  I have been spending so much time on this course that I am dreaming about image recording. It doesn’t make for a restful night.

I have a post planned about my spiffy old waffle irons, but this is your warning that the blog will still be slow for another few weeks.

Happy Halloween!


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