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Salsa – revised

August 25, 2013
by Erin B



It’s that time of year again.  The garden has gone completely nuts and I am processing veg as fast as I can.  Today I am making salsa.  I posted the recipe last year. This year I have learned and improved!  The big thing I am doing differently is freezing my tomatoes before I start.  When they thaw, the skins pull right off.  Then if you give them a gentle squeeze the water and seeds squirt right out, leaving the valuable pulp behind.  Since I blend my tomatoes anyway, I don’t worry about the lack of chunks and I have reduced my cooking time down to  30- 45 minutes since there is WAY less water to cook off.

Here’s the thing that I find completely amazing.  I would have thought that squeezing a ever so slightly frozen tomato would squish out tomato juice.  It doesn’t!  The water melts first so if you find that sweet spot when you are holding what is basically a tomato slushy, and give it a squeeze, the liquid that comes off is clear.

This discovery was a happy accident.  My garden is small and I never have a whole batch of tomatoes ripe at once.  So I started just throwing them in the freezer thinking I would make salsa when I had the three pounds worth.  Now I have an easier time removing the skins and seeds and a decreased cooking time!  Win all around.  The taste is exactly the same.  If anything it is a little fresher tasting since you don’t have to cook it as long.

I have also started using my skins and adding them back in.  This makes a nice thicker salsa.  I got the idea from North West Edible Life who uses her tomato skins to make tomato sauce.  It adds a nice texture.

I have also started to try lower temp pasteurization when I process my pickles.  I am curious to see how it goes.


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