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July 14, 2013
by Erin B

I have spent the weekend re-seasoning my cast iron.  I’m trying out this method.  I didn’t need to break out the lye based oven cleaner, I just used my oven’s self cleaning cycle.  This isn’t the sort of thing I usually do in July.  Not the oven cleaning nor the re-seasoning.  Usually it is a spring or fall thing.   You know, that first weekend in spring when you can leave the windows open and not freeze the house plants or in the fall when it isn’t *quite* time to turn on the furnace but you have one cooler day.  Basically, when it is in the low teens (degrees C  which is around the high 50’s F) out and preferably raining.

Like yesterday.

I quickly came to the sad realization that I have too much cast iron.  Something had to go.  I had a good look at the collection and decided it was the Lodge Pro-logic 7 quart dutch oven.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that pot.  It has served me faithfully for many years.  It baked my bread and braised my ribs and made amazing soup and was a perfectly serviceable deep frying vessel.  But to be perfectly honest, it was always a consolation pot.

What I really wanted was this.

Pretty, huh?

THAT pot is from the same series as the one pot I would save if we had to suddenly evacuate and I could only take one pot.

I adore this pot.  It gets the most use of any in my kitchen, everything from eggs to fried chicken to shepherd’s and cottage pies.  I kind of always hoped to save up and switch to this series.

Life doesn’t always go where you think it will.  Post Christmas sales and a January birthday added a couple of Staub dutch ovens to the family.  Now Lodge Manufacturing has discontinued the line, for 2013 at least.  I am quite disappointed.  Even though a quick look at the reviews suggests that my experience was abnormally positive, I found that the inside surface of this pan was nicer than that on any other modern cast iron I have fondled. (That one is for you J).

I’m also a little disappointed in the way I found out.  I randomly came across a blog post about production stopping while looking into alternate seasoning methods.

I bought this pan largely because the two small handles on such a massive pan are easier to work with than a skillet with one long handle that is easier to find.  That and the lovely tight fitting lid I couldn’t get on a cast iron skillet made this pot significantly more functional for me as a short woman with a history of wrist and shoulder injuries.  The thing that the Signature series casserole have really illustrated for me is that I like the knob style lid best.  I find it easier to lift.  With such a heavy pot, I need the help.  I guess that makes me foo-foo.

I’m OK with that.  I am a little bit on the girlie side, hence the new paint job in Mrs Brown Bicycle.  I am perfectly fine with my level of femininity.

The source claims that Lodge is only stopping production for this year and they will be back later.  I hope that is true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just no longer available.  The thing is, Green Turtle is right.  They are were the only high end product from a manufacturer that is primarily know for camping gear, and by and large the pro-lodgic have (more or less) the same functionality at half the price.  The one piece I bought is the exception, all the others from the signature series have a lower cost pro-logic version.  If you aren’t shopping for pretty, why pay more?

On the other hand, pretty is nice too.  The pro logic oven served me well for a lot of years.  It was a cast iron dutch oven I could almost afford when I needed one.  But the bottom line is I culled it for something easier to lift (and, yes, pretty) when I was given a pretty and functional version.

Post seasoning pictures coming at some point.

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