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It’s a Process

July 15, 2013
by Erin B

Sheryl Canter’s blog about how she seasons cast iron is very compelling.  It is, however, a fairly extensive process.  Saturday I stripped off my old seasoning in the cool and rain.  Even with the self cleaning cycle, that is still a long process.  I still had to scrub off all the grunge and then the rust that forms as soon as the protective coating is breached.  Then I did the first coat of seasoning before bed.  It wasn’t all I did that day, but it took all day.

The next morning was a little disappointing.  It shouldn’t have been.  The blog clearly warns that after the first coat (if you do it right) it will looking like bare cast iron.  It did, except that bare cast iron would be starting to oxidize already on a damp night.  Sunday morning, everything got a second coating of seasoning.  Then life happened and I had two sets of visitors, made jam, canned and processed the jam and had some one come to look at a bike V is selling.  Sunday night, I had no patience to deal with MORE seasoning.  And the second seasoning run still barely made a difference.

Today…..  Well….  I figured out this weekend that it was only the second weekend all year where I had any time to do anything that wasn’t school, moving family or other family events or working.  Today was the first day back to my regular Stay At Home Mom routine.   Monday is wash the floors day.  They really needed it.  I had a whole garden worth of dirt tracked in.   There was swimming lessons and a picnic with T and biking home in wind that I later found out was a tornado warning.  Which lead to a quick nap before unloading the dishwasher and washing a load of hand washables and throwing in a load of laundry with Monty Python running in the back ground.

I am tired.

Little girl was so tired she fell asleep in her dinner like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon.  I am so tired I had another unexpected cat nap in a pile of laundry I was folding on the bed.  It was a little embarrassing.  I woke up when T got home from his after supper errands.  Anything that hadn’t already been folded just got set aside for tomorrow.

The last thing to do was to run out the recycling.  I decided to run another layer of seasoning over night.  I have it all set up and the delay feature on the oven will run it and turn it off just before breakfast when it is as cool out as it will get in the night.  That will be layer number three.

The plan calls for six coats.  At least.

I’m committed to the process, but….  I know that (depending on the weather) this could take weeks.  Fortunately, it is barbecue season.  That’s the only way I can go with out my cast iron pots for so long.

In other news, I would like to thank loyal reader LAT for emailing me a link to my favourite pan.  In the spirit of Monty Python, I told her I already got one.*  But if anyone else is interested, I can highly recommend it as a really good kitchen staple.

Although, T says that he preferred to carry the previous hardware store special with the one skillet handle.  I find this very interesting.  He just lifts with the big handle and his big arm muscles.  A big part of my switching to this pan is that when the regular 12 inch cast iron skillet, I could not lift it safely when it was hot.  I just wasn’t strong enough and it would dip away from me in such a way that I was afraid of spilling. So, if you are a manly man or an amazonian woman, get the skillet model.  If you are going to be lifting with both hands, this one is great.

Even if you aren’t shopping, check out the link.  There are some really interesting videos, like this one:




*I have met LAT’s mother, in real life and I can assure you, she is not a hamster.  She is a lovely woman and a bonus grandmother to Little Girl.

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