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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 8, 2011
by Erin B

For Mother’s Day this year, Darling Husband, Toddler girl and I are going for Dim Sum with our friends L & L and one of their moms.  Dim Sum amazes me!  The food is so good.  You eat until you are turkey dinner full and some how the bill per person is always less than a drink, fries, burger and dessert are terrible drive-thru place.  Of course on Sundays, it almost a shot gun start to get a table, but having to decide between sleeping in and Dim Sum, I choose Dim Sum.

Before Toddler Girl we would go every month.  These days it’s such a treat I really look forward to it.

Speaking of which, the other thing I’m getting for Mother’s day is debt.  OK, so that’s a little harsh.  I’m not upset about it.  Well, a little, but……  The house needs repairs.  So we have decided to borrow some money to replace the last three window and repaint before we take more water damage.

When we were deciding which windows to replace with out tax return, we replaced the two that were obviously leaking over the winter.   What I didn’t notice is that one of the non-opening windows was leaking too.  About two weeks ago now, I found where the wooden frame has started to rot.  It’s an older house, I shouldn’t really be that surprised that things need doing, but…..   I wasn’t expecting that.

Since we don’t have $4000 for new windows or $2600 for new paint.  We are going into debt.  I’m a little worried about that….  I know we have to get this fixed before winter.  We are going to wait for the end of season sale our favourite home place has every August.  I am happy to have it just done…..

But, I don’t like the idea of debt.  We had to work really hard to get the mortgage reworked when it became apparent that Toddler girl was too sick for me to go back to work on more than a casual basis.  I’m trying really hard not to resent the tractor at this point, even if it is going to plow my garden for me this year.  I even know that the tractor money wouldn’t have covered either the windows or the paint, but the extra few hundred dollars would help.

Darling husband had been hinting he is getting me a nice present for Mother’s day.  I wonder if this is how he feels about the tractor?  I know we can’t afford to do it.  I know it is going to add to the debt load.  At the same time, we don’t do treats very often and it is nice to know your partner thinks you are worth spending money on.

I know there are people out there drowning in debt.  I know we aren’t that bad yet.  We pinch our pennies and get by.  Some how we manage to break even every month.  I just wonder…. We don’t have cable any more.  We cut our phone bill to the minimum to save there.  We turned down the thermostat all winter and I line dry diapers to save the cost of the drier. (The trick is a short fluff cycle before they hit the line otherwise they dry stiff like cardboard.)  Where is the debt repayments going to come from?

OK time to stop moping.  Time to get out of bed and go let Darling hubby make me a coffee.


Happy Mother’s day!

Now that I have some coffee and a piece of toast in me, I’m feeling less blue.  Toddler girl will be in school full time in only four years and I’ll be back to work.  The debt will get paid off.  We will be fine.  In the mean time, I can spend time with my daughter.  We go to the park and she loves my bicycle.  Mostly I couldn’t drive anyway since as soon as she sees it she asks “go bike, Mum-mum?”

Right now the garden is in the awful, dirty hard work stage, but in only a month plants will be starting to come up and a few weeks after that, we’ll be eating radishes!  They are always the first crop of the spring.  I have a really good plan this year and I’m so looking forward to getting started.

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