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Pause with Gratitude

July 7, 2013
by Erin B

At this point I would like to stop for a moment and acknowledge my amazing extended family.  My classes are finally done for the year.  I would like to thank my Mother in Law, Y, for all of the free child care and emotional support she provided to help me get through.  I would like to thank both crafting groups for putting up with both my weird ass schedule for the last few month and that most of my conversation lately has been radiography based.

I just barely made it through school when my Mom bought a new condo and is (still) moving out of the house that I grew up in.  I have been traveling back and forth to the city where she lives and spending four days a week for the last three weeks straight helping sort and move stuff.  Setting up boxes, painting, general moving things.  It has been tough and again I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t have such an amazing support team.

Thank you L and L (Little Girls Aunties and some of the best extended family I have managed to foist myself on) for a whole lot of pet sitting and for feeding my husband while I am away.  Thank you for protecting Little Girl from the unfortunate way the world works.  Thank you for caring for us.  You both have really gone above and beyond and I want you to know that I really, REALLY appreciate it.

Thank you to my wonderful husband, T, who puts up with me when I am completely stressed and tired.  He loves me when even I know I am crabby and difficult.  Thank you for trying to cheer me up when I dented your car.

Thank you, C ,for giving up four days of your summer vacation to come move boxes in a land of limited internet.  I wasn’t expecting to need your blood, sweat and tears, but you sacrificed all three this weekend to help and I am very thankful.

Thank you, Y, for watering and weeding my garden that is largely neglected this year.

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Golden Willow Fibre store for letting me join your drop in knitting circle.  Thank you for having toys for Little Girl.  Thank you for not being at all snarky with me bringing a project from another store to work on, believe me, I know that isn’t the best etiquette in the knitting world.  I am so glad to have found a “embassy in the land of knitting” in your store.

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