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I disagree – update

May 7, 2011
by Erin B

Some how…. and I’m not sure how….  I ended up reading Life from Scratch on the kindle I got for Christmas/birthday this winter.  It isn’t the kind of book I usually read.  I was struck by one part in the book when the main character talks about wanting people to read your journal,  that’s why you post it on the internet.


I have to disagree with that one a little bit.

I think there are people out there that blog and think the internet is so big that no one will ever find them.  That isn’t me, but I have met them.  They were really upset that I would go and read their blog after they told me where it was and what it was called.  (yeah… I don’t get it, but when I tell that story other people have had the same experience) Then there are people like me that don’t think my life is interesting enough to hold readers.

I have to say that until I needed help finding home for bunny I didn’t really care that I had readers.  I know a few of you personally and the rest were just…. random fluctuation in the stats counter.

My issues aside, I think there are lots of reasons to have a blog other than necessarily wanting people to read your journal. The big few that immediately come to mind is my bad handwriting, that the computer is easier to just jot something down quick without having to work so hard from keeping Toddler girl from colouring in my book and the indexing system.  I also like the spell check.  I can review and rewrite easier than on paper.

Maybe this is a sign of increase digital sprawl, but I can type faster than I write.  Which explains my many of my blog posts are pretty much transcription of whatever is going through my head at the moment.  I wonder if people used to journal on typewriter like that back in the day?  NOTE TO SELF: internet research topic.

This is kind of sad, but a lot of the time I am blogging in a small window on my screen with toddler girl in my lap watching They Might be Giants videos in another window.  That kid can watch the Days of the Week video several times in a row.  It’s a really fun video, but I would go nuts if I didn’t have something else to do.  Blogging gives me that other focus, but we still get the nice snuggles in.

I have very mixed feeling about that song.  I am glad I stay home with Toddler girl, but…  it often feels like I’m always at work, from 11:00pm when she had night mares and want snacks and cuddles for two hours before she goes back to bed right through 6am when she woke up for the day, straight on keep working until 8pm when she goes to bed.  It isn’t “no, no, I never go to work”  it’s “no, no, I’m always at work.”

And ultimately, maybe Toddler girl will want to read this someday.  The same could be said for that lovely paper journal I started.  So really, journalling in real life means that others can read it too.  Even if you hide it under your mattress.

In which case…. I love you so much baby girl!  Midnight snuggles are nice, even when we are both exhausted.  When I have nightmare, hubby puts up with me and gives me snuggles too.

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