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Xtra-cycle on hold

May 12, 2013
by Erin B

I was changing out the brakes on the Sekine to fit the smaller wheel set.  The new ones were almost fitting.  I was feeling a little frustrated, largely because I was trying to build the bike in five minutes increments between studying for my exam. I made some off hand comment about how much adapting I was doing to get this project off the ground.

It got T thinking back to the wrist incident and that’s when the build went onto hold.

We had a big long talk and decided to wait until we can afford a new bike for the xtracycle kit.  Yes, I could likely make it work, but it would cost a fair bit in new parts, new tires and what not and I would still have a cobbled together xtracycle.  If we wait, I can have a new bike that is actually to spec on all of the size requirements.

The downside of that is in the meantime, I don’t have anyway to bike Little Girl around.

Which is disappointing because the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day for me is to bike to Timmies for a coffee and oatmeal with my family.  Next year.

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