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House Guest

May 6, 2011
by Erin B

In the morning, some thoughts about the unnamed bunny.  He is about the right size to have been an Easter pet who “accidentally” got out when the kids went back to school and stopped taking care of him.  He is so far, really good with Toddler girl.  He doesn’t know how to drink out of a water bottle and was very dehydrated when I caught him.  I suspect if we hadn’t had so much rain in the last couple of days, he wouldn’t have made it this long.

He is already litter trained.

Last night he and Slipper spent some time cuddling through the cage bars.

We didn’t want a bunny right now.  We weren’t looking for one.  He is good with animals and kids and there for more adoptable.  If we could afford to get him fixed I would keep him and this would be a good home.

But the bottom line is…. we don’t have the money to get that done.

I can’t say we a poor.  We are “falling through the cracks” lower middle class.  If you take our combined income and subtract the child support then divide it over the number of people who live here including averaging out the part time kids (50% for V and 25% for C – our household is 3.75 people), yes, we are pretty close to the poverty line.

But it isn’t calculated like that.

And no one gets pet subsidies anyway.

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