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Seed Starts

February 12, 2013
by Erin B

In an effort to pretend that spring is just around the corner, I dug out the seed starting gear and $20 and headed to buy some seeds.  I have had good luck starting seeds in the past, but I have really only tried lettuce to grow indoors (works great), herbs, peas and beans.

This year I am trying tomatoes and peppers and brussel sprouts.

I was all keen when I planted them yesterday.


Yes, that badly backlit photo showing three feet of snow outside is my tiny little start set.  And my orchid and my pot of lettuce that I will move to the kitchen once it is up.

I don’t have grow lights, but I do have direct southern sun at near blast furnace strength.  I don’t have those warming mats that NW Edible Life recommended this morning.   (LOVE that blog!) I do have those plastic covers she doesn’t like.  I can understand WHY she doesn’t like them, but mine have vents and this has usually solved the mould problem for me.

IMG_1198There are two vents on each cover, but it is hard to see the second on in this picture.  That said, I am a little nervous because I have never tried starting tomatoes before.

If this works, I am going to be COMPLETELY over supplied for plants.  Tomatoes come in packets of 10 seeds for about $3 for the varieties I want.  Sungold, Roma, and Sweet Million, if you are interested.  I have room for about three plants, five if I use the planters.  I also started peppers, where I only need one plant and brussels sprouts where I only need three or four plants.

But I have all my seeds bought for the garden this year!  Yay!


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  1. LAT permalink
    February 13, 2013 3:50 pm

    That’s the thing, it’s hard to know how many will survive! This year we’re only starting two kinds of tomatoes because last year we had waaaay too many. 🙂

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