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February 9, 2013
by Erin B

I’m feeling a little….  blue?  Discouraged?  Not depressed.   I’ve been depressed.  PPD was a bitch.  No, this is more….  I think I’m just feeling February.  Although, looking back at this time last year, that doesn’t seem right either.

We had a week or two of bitterly, BITTERLY cold here.  Freeze your skin within moments of going out side cold.  It happens every year.  It is to be expected.  This year it managed to coincide with a bunch of posts on other blog that were about all weather biking.  But they didn’t really mean “ALL weather biking” they meant biking in there (comparatively) mild winter.

This year, without a project bike to work on, it really kind of started to bother me.

The past few years, I have been lucky.  I’ve had bike stuff to do.  This year…  I have a small project for T’s mom, Y, to work on but my house is no longer really set up for me to be able to work on it.  Plus, Little Girl is big enough that when she wants to help she can really get into trouble.

What with one thing and another, I just haven’t really felt like posting.  I have two soup recipes on deck that I made up as I went but still managed to have might fine soup at the end.  I have a major kitchen reorganization with before and after pics to post.  Just not feeling motivated.

This is usually about when I really start chopping at the bit to do some garden planning.  But I am out of landscaping projects and the garden is pretty much set up on a nice rotation that requires not a lot of additional planning.

All of those years of hard work and saying “it will be nice when it’s finished” and now that most of it is finished I am really kind of missing the hard work.

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