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The Itch

January 19, 2013
by Erin B

I’m working three evening shifts this weekend.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That means that I am missing out on prime knitting time.  That time after Little Girl is in bed and the dishes are washed but it is still too early to go to bed.  Prime time in TV land, except we don’t have a TV.  That’s mostly when I knit.

I can’t knit at work.  Maybe I’ll get in a few rows on lunch break but that’s it. Basically, I’m looking at three days without knitting.  In the summer time, this isn’t a big deal.  I bike to work; I bike home. I get the same medatative feeling from biking as I do with knitting.   Keep in mind that I mostly don’t bike in traffic and I mostly don’t knit complicated lace or cables.  But a sock on the needles or a ride on the bike path is a way to let my body do something that requires minimal concentration while my mind can wander and zone out.

It is very relaxing.  Except when I drop a stitch and have to cuss for a moment.

At this point I am about 24 hours knitting free.  I have to leave for work in a few minutes.

I love the sock I am working on.  The colours make me happy, which may seem odd about a grey colourway, but it’s true.  It’s also my favourite brand of yarn.  I don’t have a big budget, but Cascade yarn seems to be big bang for my wool dollar.  It’s soft.  It’s nice to work with.

All I can think about is how much I want to just stay home an work on the sock…..

And, if I wasn’t on a yarn diet …..

How nice would this sweater

look in this yarn.

Which is completely ridiculous….  If I am forced to be honest with myself, I like planning sweaters more than I like knitting them….

On the other hand…. as a potential hoarder I would love a skien in each colourway of this yarn just to have them… I love the colours.  As glorious as the sock yarn colourways are, it really is those worsted weight colours that make my heart beat fast

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