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First socks of the Year!

January 14, 2013
by Erin B

Here they are!  The first complete pair of socks of the year!  They are a bit of a cheat since I had the cuff and first repeat on the first sock started last year… but that is still 23/24 new socks this year.

IMG_1180Thank you Gidget’s Stitches for the free pattern!  It’s her Tadpole socks.  It is the first pattern I have found that fits perfectly (although I did go down a needle size) and this is the second time I have made this pattern.  I kind of thing two is my limit.  I hit a bit of a wall on the third sock and wondered what the heck I was doing… which is why the cuff was started last year and it took me a while to take up the project to complete it.

The next set of socks is already on the needles…

IMG_1181and straight into the bag of bad knitting.  The yarn is lovely… this picture really doesn’t do it justice, but neither does this pattern.

I remember hearing someone talk about having synesthesia and watching a couple in black costumes ball room dance to music that was triggering as green visuals (or something like that) and the conflicting information made her so sick she had to just close her eyes.

Sometimes when I am knitting I almost think I can understand what that is like.

I love this yarn.  But when it knits up…. I can see it as a sharp linear pattern.  This pattern is more geometry.  Somehow, I just can’t get into this contrast.  So… while that project is in the bag of holding for a while… I still want to knit Monkey Socks, just not with that yarn.

Back into the stash bin I went.  I’m looking for subtle colour changes with a cooler colour palette.  This is what I found:



Once again… not a great picture.  This one is dove grey with hints of lilac and smokey blues.

So much better.

Life is to short to knit socks that don’t inspire you.



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