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How to explain seasonal variation to a 2 year old

April 28, 2011
by Erin B

OK.  So sometimes I forget that people actually read this.  I don’t find my life interesting enough that I expect anyone to be interested other than my friends and family who would have to listen to all this rambling anyway.

For those of you who are just here for the food….  I’m sorry but this is another “I can’t believe my 2 year old did this” post.  You’ve been warned.

My location is northern enough that our day length varies significantly with the season.  Today the dawn was at 4:14 am.  I checked.  Toddler girl woke up at 5:52.  The sun was shining.  The house was completely quiet.  She was soaking wet and so was her bed, AND (from her point of view) she had overslept and everyone had left for the day.

Total freak out ensued.

It took almost half an hour to get her to calm down and stop screaming and by then EVERYONE was up.

I have got to make that kid some black-out blinds.

Once she was calmed down I tried to explain to her that sun-up does NOT mean it is time to get up.  She flat out refused to believe me.  I’ve been really lucky about not being told “NO” by toddler girl.  Mostly because I think that is the rudest thing and we have let it be known that screaming “No” at your parents isn’t acceptable behaviour.  This time however, she KNEW I was wrong and tried to articulate it beyond just no. 

“Mummum, look!” Pointing to window, “Light outside!  Wake up time!”

“In the summer the sun gets up before it’s time for people to get up sweetie.”

“no.   Up time!”

She still snuck the “no” in there.  I guess she felt it needed to be said.  Fair enough.

Back to the topic of today’s post…. How do you explain seasonal variation to a two year old?  It’s only going to get worse…

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