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January 9, 2013
by Erin B


So far, I think it is going fairly well:

I want to knit a pair of sock every month this year.  – I’m not done a pair yet, but I have been getting some good knitting time in

I also want to reorganize my kitchen and see if I can’t make better use of my three cupboards. – check

I want to save up (since I have gotten some lovely wool for Christmas) and buy new pots.  – working on it

I am going to participate in the 365 Photo Challenge on Flickr. – This one I am kind of struggling with.  I have been taking pictures, but most of them are kind of crap.  I also don’t have a Flickr pro account, so if I post them all there only the first few will be available.

The home re-organization is going great.  I have gotten rid of a significant amount of stuff.  I can almost use my sewing room.

I’m starting to get the shakes from lack of knitting group.  My January class has been postponed  indefinitely and I am missing visiting with the ladies from Wednesday morning group.  But, I don’t need (or have extra cash) to buy more wool.  There has been some great stuff coming in the last time I was there…  I have $50 gift certificate and no more stash space.

I have also just read Stephanie McPhee Casts Off.  I have learned that I am a process knitter who is on a sock jag.  Really.  At this point I love that they fit in my purse.  I love the colours and wonders of sock yarn.  Realizing that I am a process knitter freed me to completely frog two almost complete sweaters.  I wasn’t having fun and didn’t like the product…. so if I rip it out then I can to knit something more fun.

But the other side of that is that my stash box is now over flowing.  I have very limited stash space so….  something has to go.  I have more than a few skeins of left overs.  One skein of this, one and a half skeins of that.  I have found out what I like now…. so a lot of the yarn I bought while I was figuring it out is no longer attractive.  I regret the mistaken purchase… but not enough to allow someone else’s yarn to take up my limited stash space.  So, step one was to port them in my for sale or trade space on Ravelry.  The next step will be the local online classified….  Plan C is…. I don’t know…. donations?

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