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Triathlon update

April 18, 2011
by Erin B

I honestly can’t see how I’m going to be able to participate in a triathlon this spring.  Even a short one.  Bike training is going great.  I’m training with the trailer and on race day without it will be so much easier!  Running is…. going.  I’m getting better.  I’m not really a jogger yet, but I can see progress.

Swimming is completely stalled.  I am so much better than I was when I started.  In fact, I am as good of a swimmer as I ever have been.  That’s the problem.  I have never been a swimmer.  I am not completely exhausted after swimming.  I am getting stronger that way.  But I still flounder and drown too much to participate in a race.  What I need is professional help in the form of stroke improvement classes or adult swimming lessons or something.

Except there aren’t any that I could take and finish and still have time to practice before the race.  I have to admit, I am really disappointed in myself.

I really wanted to do this.

I knew the swimming was going to be a problem, but I thought I would keep getting better.  I didn’t expect to keep getting better as fast as I did in the beginning, but …  I didn’t expect to still be this bad.  I even added extra swim days to the training plan to help make up for my lack of skill.

I know it’s not about the weight, which is a good thing because I haven’t lost any.  I think my muscles are starting to show.  I feel better.  All in all, it has been a really good experience.  And still…. I am disappointed in myself.

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