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Falling into a routine

December 9, 2012
by Erin B

Now that I am finally past exams, I am hoping to be able to post more. The Wednesday night soup plan is still going strong.

Last week was a bit of a bust because aside from having my Clinical Chemistry final on Wednesday, I also hd a really nasty bout of bronchitis that completely knocked me on my ass.  And I don’t say that lightly.  I was so sick that Sunday afternoon, my mom drove in from 3 hours away to help take care of me and my family.  I would never have made it through the week without her.  As it was, I wrote the exam under the influence of cold medicine, not having been able to study since Friday.  Not fun.

I hope I passed.

In biking news, the parts for Y’s Yugoslavian bike with the broken crank arms finally came it.  Yay!  I had ordered them in …  July (?) I think.  So now I can start the clean up and rebuild…..  at some point.

Christmas sewing is so far behind it’s embarrassing.  If you are reading this and I promised you curtains or doll clothes or an apron for Christmas…. um…. Did you get the memo that we are celebrating at New Years this year?  No, really!  It’s….. because….. we have the girls for New Years instead of Christmas for the access schedule… yeah…. that’s it.

Food wise, the menu planning has gotten a lot easier because of soup night.  And the grocery bill has gone down.  Tuesday, I make a roast…. usually chicken.  There are hundreds of internet recipes for roast chicken to keep it from being exactly the same each week.  I have learned that if you quarter the chicken everyone just takes a quarter.  But if you cut it into smaller pieces, people take less, eat more veg and you have leftovers.  It is great.

Then the carcass goes into broth for soup night and the leftover meat goes into pot pie or something for supper on Thursday.  That way (very much like Peggy from HomeStead Emporium) I can get three meals (and one frozen soup meal for later) out of one $12 chicken.  I have to say, that I prefer soup from a roast chicken rather than a boiled one, but the over all “stretch your budget” theory is the same.  The broth that I get from a roast chicken is darker, so that could be an issue for some people.  None the less, I find the flavour is more appealing to my family.

While I am primarily talking chicken here, the same would apply to lamb shoulder roasts, or bone in ham.  Beef roasts only need a little variation, especially if you are starting with my 48 Hour Beef Roast recipe.  Which always has lots of leftover sauce.  All you need is a little more water and some small pieces of meat to turn it into a lovely, slightly asian soup base.

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