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Bike hoarding

April 17, 2011
by Erin B

I acquired this mini Raleigh for not much money (out of my pocket but less than half my grocery budget for the week) for a nice lady I met on the internet who lives near Edmonton.  Now she has stopped returning my emails.  Amazingly, I’m not too stressed about that.  I found out via the other nice people on the internet that is is a Raleigh Colt.  It was purpose built for tweens and people between 4’5 and about 5′.  As near as I can tell based on serial number placement this one is an early 1970’s model.  The big girls are likely already too big for this bike, but Toddler girl isn’t.  Having a few years to really clean it up and make it sparkle will be fun.  It seems to be a really well build bike and runs nicer than my CCM.  Aside from my knees coming up over the handle bars as I pedal.

If she doesn’t want it when she grows to that size, I can sell it then.  If she does want one and I sell it now, they are only going to get harder to find.  I could sell it right now, since I have already have someone who wants it for parts.  I just hate turning a functioning bike into a non-functioning bike.  To me, I would always rather have that equation work in reverse.  Especially since the only problem I can is some minor surface rust on the fenders and chain guard.  I really believe that a little clean would be all it takes to fix that.  The chrome is perfect.

On one hand, I would NOT have bought this for myself.  On the other, now that I have it…. It is growing on me.  Let me know when I become a bike hoarder, OK?

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