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November 22, 2012
by Erin B

There are times when I wonder if I just grew up speaking a completely different language than everyone else.  I realize that as a Terry Pratchett reading, Dr Who watching North American, there are times when some of my phrasing gets what the locals might consider a little …. odd.  Librarian-poo has permanently found it’s way into my vocabulary and I use it casually, completely forgetting that everyone doesn’t just KNOW that I’m politely saying ape shit.

But THIS one is completely different!  I thought EVERYONE knew spattle!  It is such an obvious progression, I was shocked that people didn’t immediately know what I was talking about!

In my house, from left to right: Spoon, spurtle, spattle, spatula, cake server, flipper (or fish slice)


It was a kind of interesting mind game I ended up playing with myself over this one.  The first person PMed me on Facebook to ask what a spattle was and I thought “how can you not know that?”  Then a second person asked, and I thought “OK, so not a completely common word.”  By the time I have received several queries I was starting to wonder if I had just started making up words in my head.  That’s when I realized I need to add source links.  It IS a real word!  It isn’t just me being weird… again.

So, now you know

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