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April 14, 2011
by Erin B

I think I have picked a very bad day indeed to start trying to be car free.

My main bathroom has some drywall damage that has finally gotten repaired and is ready to paint.  I need to get some primer.  I think I will just use the left over paint from C’s room.  It’s a nice juicy green colour that will co-ordinate with the unfortunately mushroom coloured bathroom suite.  Plus the bathroom is only about 8 x 6 so it won’t take very much paint to cover.

I really need to prime first.  When we bought the house, the last owners had painted just before we got it.  They went from oil to latex without priming.  About a week after we moved in the paint started peeling off the walls.

Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, my house has mange. I have sanded and primed and repainted the hallway previously.  It’s a tiny hallway and it still took me a whole week of hard work.  The living room, kitchen and dining room have most of the problem areas behind the furniture.  The bathroom was pretty bad but we had to open the walls in there to fix plumbing problems and I wasn’t in a rush to deal with it.

We’ve been in the house since 2003.  We have replaced the furnace, gutted the basement, added a basement suite, replaced half the windows and replaced all the appliances.  Last year, Tyson’s parents bought us new shingles.   Previously we had to dig up both lawns because the house came with tumbleweeds growing in the lawn.  It has been a non stop reno since we are doing the work as money becomes available.  We bought the worst house on the best block we could afford and have been slowly making it better.

We are the po white trash on the block.  Or at least the social climbers.  It isn’t even all that fancy of a block.  It’s mostly small starter homes from the 1960’s and most of the people in them are eldery types who never managed to get beyond the starter home.  I expect we won’t be any different.  The house is around a 1000 sq feet, three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths up and we have added legal bedroom #4 and a full bath in the basement.  The girls live upstairs, we live down.  I am very proud of all the work we have done with very little debt being accrued.

Sorry?  What was I talking about?

Oh yes.  So today I had to buy a gallon of paint on my bike.  And I did it, with Ellie in tow.

I really want to get the bathroom finished being painted before the exchange students come on Sunday.  Saturday is the big Easter Tea I want to be able to attend, so painting has to happen NOW.

I am procrastinating by blogging about it.

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