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Chicken Soup

November 14, 2012
by Erin B

This morning my chicken broth looked like this:

If you have never made home made chicken broth before, you may be surprised that it turns out a different colour every time.  Ok, so not green or purple or anything, but it can be any colour from apple juice to whiskey coloured.  I’m sure there is science in there somewhere.  I just smile and go with it.

At this point we are going to strain the broth.  I made it in my small pot so I can ladle it through the sieve and into the big pot.

Work slowly so you and pull out any pieces of chicken and add them into the big pot.  Empty the sieve often to prevent splashing.

The new pot will likely have a thick layer of grease on the top.  You can’t really just leave it, it will make your soup taste a bit like old dishwater.

If you pop the whole thing into the fridge for a while, the fat will set up

There you go!  Now it should be really easy to pull off.

Scoop it out and discard.  This was a happy farm chicken and they tend to be quite a bit more fatty.

Add two stalks of chopped celery

The equivalent amount of carrots

And about half an onion, also chopped

Add three pieces of cooked bacon, crumbled into pieces

(not shown)

Cover and simmer for about an hour to cook the veg.  Then add four cups of water and 1 cup of small pasta.  I like orzo.  Return to a simmer and cook another half hour or so.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


A word about the salt and pepper:  Don’t be shy.  This is from scratch and you should end up with about 4 – 5 litres or  over a gallon of soup.  If you have to add 3ish tablespoons, it’s ok.  In twenty servings, 3 tablespoons is only 2 ml of salt per serving.  Just add the salt one spoon full at a time, and stir in and taste before you add more.  It is easier to add with care than take some out afterwards.

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