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Comfort and Soup

October 22, 2012
by Erin B

The funeral was pretty tough on everyone. We didn’t sleep well. We didn’t eat well. Poor Little Girls was completely off her routine. She missed her friends and her school and (at 3) had no idea what was going on. She really isn’t old enough to understand the idea of death. None the less, she understood that T and I were stressed and was so good. She was polite and well behaved and I am so proud of her. C and V came to the funeral and I was so very glad to have my family there. They didn’t have much time to get to know Dad, but they were really supportive of me.

Afterwards, I was a total mess.  We got home late Wednesday.  T had to work on Thursday.  It was our first real day home in more than two weeks.  I was barely keeping it together.  I was just exhausted.

So T took Friday off and packed us back into the car and we went to visit our good friends G and H.  G was the best man at our wedding.  H is amazing.  They are really good people.  Greg lost his dad a few years ago and really understands what I’m feeling.  They gave us a place to stay and plied us with liquor and food and just let me not have to think about it for a few days.

We went to Ikea and got Little Girl her big bed that is going to be a joint birthday present from my parents in law and us.  We impulse purchased a new mattress.  Sort of.  We knew we needed on and have been saving up for about a year now.   We didn’t think we could afford one yet, but there was one at Ikea we liked and it was in our budget (almost).  Since we had a trailer….

I bought a coat.  Thank you H for taking me shopping.   She was so nice and hauled me to four stores before I decided on a coat at the first one and we had to go back.  It was something else we had saved up for (almost).

While we were visiting, H talked about her soup club.  That’s not what she called it, but I think it is as good a name for it as any.  Every Wednesday, her BFF comes over and they make soup for supper.  They take notes about what they liked and didn’t.  Really, I think they should start a blog or write a cookbook.  It sounds like lots of fun.

Every time I hear about Soup Club, I want to start one where I live.  The thing is, life is crazy, even without sick parents.  I can’t consistently make it to Thursday Stitch and Bitch, how can I reasonable expect to run a soup club?  Never mind how do you organize people taking turns, which recipes to use, who does dishes.  It is complicated.  When I lived in Pemberton (Hi S and C!) we had a Monday Night Sushi Club.  It was really hard to work out all those details and it was mostly three single girls with the occasional guest.  Now I have a family, my friends are all married… it is even more complicated.

I still like dinner parties, but a random “come over for dinner” is way easier to organize than a regularly scheduled event.

I thought about community kitchen like idea, where you round up four families and each person makes a huge batch and then you all get together and trade jars of soup once a month.  Then everyone can have weekly soup night in their own home and have one meal a week where you just don’t have to plan.  That is still complicated with kids.  What if my kids won’t eat your soup?  What happens when someone (there is always one) just makes the same soup every month and everyone is sick of it?  What about uneven ingredient costs?  If someone is making lobster bisque is it fair that they take home a jar of tomato juice + spices?  Too complicated.

The way I could see it working for me is if I committed to making soup once a week.  I could make a double batch and freeze half.  I would have to make soup every week for five weeks then alternate weeks between making fresh and eating out of the freezer.  This is a more tempting plan, because I have a wonderful soup cookbook complied by grandmothers.  It is one of those little fundraising deals with no pictures and no nutritional information….

But… I could supply those if I worked my way through it as well as adding notes about how well the recipe freezes.  I wonder how long until I get sick of making soup?  How long until my family gets sick of eating it?  It would be so nice to have one night a week where I don’t have to menu plan.  I’m just not sure if I could make this work for the way my life goes.

Right now, I could really use the dependability of Soup Club.

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