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Winter coat

October 5, 2012
by Erin B

My littlest was born in November.  The year she was born I just wore my maternity coat all winter.

The next year I was back to work, working full time at one job that wasn’t in my field and part time in another to try that was to maintain my hours of practice .  Little girl was sick all the time and I was exhausted and battling post-partum depression.

I bought myself (off the sale rack because we have never been able to afford this sort of thing, not even when I was working two jobs to pay for childcare) a beautiful wool and cashmere coat that fit perfectly and was so nice and cuddly warm.  It was the previous year’s model, but I didn’t care.  I loved that coat.  My weight had stabilized at 150 lbs and I was going to have that coat for years.

The next year, Little Girl had weaned.  I was still 150 lbs but my pant size had dropped and my bra size had plummeted.  32H down to a 32D.  Pant size 14 or 16 down to a 10 or 12. The wonderful coat fit like a tent.  I think I may have cried a little.

At this point the PPD was better.  I wasn’t working two jobs. Little Girl was healthier, but our bank account wasn’t.  I bought a plain wool coat from a thrift store as a fall coat for $7 (I just found the tag in the pocket) and used the money from selling the wonderful coat to also buy a parka. The fall coat was wool blend with something not warm and was a little snug, but it would do.

Which brings us to this year.  I still weigh 150 lbs.  I have gone down another pant size.  I’m halfway between a 32d and 32c…  I think I really need a 30D, but I can find no such thing.  Last years thrift store coat isn’t a tent, but it is a bit too roomy.  I could fit two bulky sweaters or four or five thinner ones under it.  I’m starting to watch the thrift stores again, in case I can find something that fits better.

My point here isn’t about buying a coat.  (Although, if you see a good sale on blue, tailored pea coats, let me know) I weighed the same 150 lbs when I was a size 14 – 16 as I do as a size 8.  So, tell me again how the scale is an accurate measurement of anything?

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  1. LAT permalink
    October 5, 2012 10:36 am

    So true.

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